Managing costs is key for hospitals and health systems seeking to survive in today’s value-based reimbursement environment. With rapidly increasing drug prices, expiring drug stock and doses of medications that never reach the patient, pharmacy costs are skyrocketing.

FullSightRx is a cloud-based software product designed to help control drug inventory costs for health system pharmacies. FullSightRx uses artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to predict spending and usage patterns for drug items within an organization.

Our proprietary platform offers customers a detailed view of how medications are managed across the entire enterprise.

We help you to reduce drug spending by identifying opportunities to optimize how existing inventory is used within the facility.

Features include:

  • Analytics reports predicting the cost savings opportunities for Pharmacy Operations.
  • Trending reports on medication dispensing and administration based on Pharmacy and patient care locations.
  • An interactive dashboard featuring an Inventory Watch list to closely track and manage expensive drugs.

Inventory Management

FullSightRx™ is a powerful tool for organizations to help drive cost containment measures for Pharmacy inventory. Our software product gives the customer a broad view of how medications are managed across the entire enterprise, identifying opportunities to reduce expiration of drugs and waste of Pharmacy inventory. We also help the customer to reduce drug spending by optimizing how existing inventory is used.

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